Guiding Global Growth.

We've developed a network and breadth of experience working across industries around the world, specializing in projects with private-sector, government, academic and cultural institutions. We know working in new global markets can be like having an elephant in the room...we help make it an interesting one.

Photo by davidevison/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by davidevison/iStock / Getty Images

We specialize in the following services, but bring a world of experience in related areas.


Marketing & Communications

  • Strategic and integrated marketing
  • Brand development and management
  • Materials and website content development
  • Social media engagement and management

Strategic partnerships

  • Alliance-building and partnership cultivation
  • External relations, planning, and implementation
  • Business development strategy

Cultural strategy & training

  • Internationalization strategy and implementation
  • Cross-cultural communication training 
  • Intercultural skills-building and training for organizations and businesses