Our Work is Our Mission.


Global Education elite

A global education exchange company that customizes services and programs in Asia.  KSW Consulting has initially contracted with GEE to produce collateral material that can be used online and in print to create awareness of their pre-college programs for high-school students.  


Berlitz USA

Global language and cultural services company, Berlitz, seeks to increase their cross-cultural training solutions for the corporate sector.  KSW Consulting has contracted with Berlitz to connect their corporate training solutions with select strategic partners and conferences in the US, thus far introducing them to a Fortune 500 company and the GetGlobal conference in Los Angeles, CA, that draws more than 1,000 business executives and professionals from around the world.


Global chamber san diego

Working with a team of consultants around the world and at HQ in Phoenix, AZ, KSW Consulting helped establish, market and conduct member/business development for the San Diego chapter of this business-to-business global connector. While representing the organization, Kuntal signed global members and sponsors such as HSBC Bank, Berlitz and Berkshire Hathaway Home Properties, in addition to creating strategic partnerships with government, community and business associations such as EXIM Bank, International Trade Advisory Board and the North County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Jacobs center for neighborhood innovation

KSW Consulting worked directly with the Office of Marketing and Community Engagement to provide strategic planning, fundraising and corporate partnership expertise for the Jacobs Center’s Arts and Culture Programs. 


universal consensus

KSW Consulting provided business and cultural strategy expertise to conceptualize Universal Consensus’s higher education practice area and channels to better utilize their existing cultural strategy products. Universal Consensus is a cultural strategy firm that provides strategies, processes, tools and programs that help navigate the complexities of global business and culture for companies and organizations.


Silk road traders

KSW Consulting worked with its design partner to develop content and graphic design for a new website for silkroadtraders.net, a Delaware-based home décor company that sources materials and products from the Middle East. In addition to design and content, our team integrated an e-commerce platform into their new website and provided online marketing guidance.



An Erie, PA-based energy technology company, Renewergy has developed a proprietary algae-cultivation system that serves a number of industrial purposes and helps reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. KSW Consulting collaborated with Renewergy in 2012 to develop messaging, a market profile and investor presentation to attract additional funding so they could scale their operations and production for a broader market presence.


CHina partnership of greater philadelphia 

The objective of the partnership is to accelerate job creation, attract investment, and support cleantech business incubation in greater Philadelphia and includes relationships with a wide range of Philadelphia stakeholders in business, academia, government and non-profit associations. In 2011, KSW Consulting worked directly with the Executive Director and the executive committee to provide foundation and government funding strategy, identify funding opportunities, and to contribute to overall organizational vision.


vacid africa

Value-Added Cottage Industry Development in Africa is an incubator business in Kenya that was borne in 1998 out of the country’s efforts to create small and medium-size business growth. They specialize in the use of information, communication and technology (ICT) services to support the small-farming agricultural sectors and to improve knowledge sharing among small farming communities throughout the country. VACID/Africa required a streamlined agribusiness program strategy and a more formal funding effort that would attract private and public investment to further grow their social enterprise. Since November 2010, KSW Consulting has worked closely with VACID/Africa to develop program ideas and strategy that would garner the most appropriate investment opportunities.


neva group/stylogy

Since September 2010, KSW Consulting worked with the President of this web solutions/e-commerce company to develop a marketing campaign for their subsidiary online retail business (a fashion accessories boutique). The campaign focuses primarily on developing a rebranding strategy, messages and materials, and public relations outreach for the launch of the new brand and website. For the parent company, Neva Group, we updated and wrote marketing copy for new company brochures.


Philadelphia museum of art 

KSW Consulting worked primarily with the Divisions of Education and External Affairs at the Museum to focus on program and materials development, and outreach to raise awareness about and expand the Museum’s South Asia programs. In particular, we provided external affairs, public relations and outreach support for an exhibition of works by Nandalal Bose, considered the father of modern art in India. This was one of only two showings ever by this artist outside of India. KSW also provided community and media outreach support for the Kantha: The Embroidered Quilts of Bengal exhibition, which showcased textiles made by women between 1800-1950. We were also involved in various aspects of conducting public, family and community programs in the South Asian and Islamic Art division of Education.


international house

In August 2009, KSW Consulting had its first project with International House of Philadelphia to design and implement a one-day intercultural leadership/training workshop for its incoming 16 graduate-level resident advisors (RAs). Chosen based on their leadership capabilities, RAs provide essential guidance to IHouse’s 400 student and scholar residents through orientation, cultural programming, and resident services. IHouse’s population represents people from over 65 countries and RAs must find effective, helpful ways in which students and scholars from such diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together and build a cohesive community. KSW facilitated a detailed program with conceptual and experiential activities to inform and educate RAs about the challenges and solutions to working among diverse people and within a multicultural setting. See workshop agenda to find out more.


university of pennsylvania

In close collaboration with Penn’s President, Provost and other university leadership, Kuntal led efforts to showcase Penn’s place in the international education arena through strategic efforts to internationalize the campus. This included the development of the Penn Global Forum - a high-profile lecture series, the International Affairs @ Penn web portal, and an outreach network of program sponsors, faculty, students, and administrative directors. In addition, Kuntal spearheaded the development of an application and recruitment process for undergraduate students to participate in non-traditional internship experiences in developing countries, one of the first programs of its kind at the University.

Kuntal's most important work involved the orientation and counseling of the University’s 5,000+ international population. Working closely with other student and scholar services offices on campus, she helped organize outreach programs for the international population as well as programs that better integrated the international and American populations.

With a commitment to internationalizing the campus, Kuntal organized a committee to apply for and receive a Diversity Fund award of $10,000 to facilitate intercultural awareness between American and international students at the University.


embassy of india

As Assistant to the Minister of Press and Information in Washington, DC, Kuntal worked with the press, business people, and diplomats to inform them about India’s economic liberalization. In May 1994, she helped the Embassy organize, host and publicize then-Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to the U.S. to promote investment in India. These efforts were integral in putting India on the map in the early stages of its privatization.

In addition to press and public relations, Kuntal was responsible for writing and editing the Embassy’s newsletter and issuing weekly press round-ups for the government’s External Affairs division in New Delhi.


National Institutes of health

As a team member within an international public relations firm, Kuntal worked for the National Institute of Mental Health, National Cancer Society, and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, to educate a multicultural and multilingual population about panic disorder, breast cancer and high blood pressure. These high-profile public education campaigns were designed to raise awareness about the risks associated with these conditions and to influence action among target audiences. All programs were based on social marketing practices and resulted from focus group and survey research. Kuntal helped develop message strategy, creative ideas to reach target populations, media and community outreach, industry outreach, and campaign evaluation strategies.


white house office of national drug control policy

Kuntal worked with a team to develop and launch ONDCP’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, an historic five-year, one-billion-dollar national effort to educate America’s youth about illegal drugs. She helped research and develop a final strategy document that was submitted to the Executive Office of the President in 1998. The document was eventually implemented in the form of public-private community partnerships and a national media campaign that is still being conducted. Her immediate responsibilities during the campaign included materials development, media and community outreach, and partnership development.


florida tobacco pilot program - the truth campaign

Using media, marketing, education, enforcement, evaluation and community programs, Kuntal worked with a team that developed a two-year anti-tobacco program aimed to reduce tobacco use among Florida’s teenagers. The landmark Truth campaign, which in part was masterminded by Florida’s teens, became a prototype for other state-funded anti-tobacco campaigns that resulted from multibillion-dollar settlements with cigarette companies. Kuntal was involved primarily in providing strategic communications expertise through media and community relations, grassroots program development and coordination. This program was a joint effort between the State of Florida, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.


U.S Aid/ Government of Tanzania

In 1997-98, the Republic of Tanzania was beginning to transition from a socialist to private economy. With Coopers & Lybrandt and the U.S. Agency for International Development, Kuntal was part of a small communications team that worked with Tanzanian government officials, business people and civil servants to better understand barriers to the country’s privatization efforts. The project first involved in-country audience research to understand existing attitudes. The outcome showed that a potential communications campaign should address Tanzanian civil servants who were steeped in socialist procedures and were reluctant to support the government’s new economic initiatives. Kuntal was responsible for conducting initial research about comparable communications campaigns around the world, data analysis and presentation of the communications campaign in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. The campaign was cut short due to the U.S. Embassy bombing in Tanzania in June 1998. However, a strategy assessment paper is available through


D.C. Preservation league

Kuntal helped conduct a pro-bono public relations campaign to raise awareness about and involvement for the League’s 25th Anniversary celebration at the Old Post Office, which the League was created to save in 1971.


Center for the advanced study of india 

As visiting scholar and research coordinator, Kuntal supported CASI’s transition from a small research institute to a national resource on political, economic and cultural information on India through research, fundraising, program coordination and outreach efforts. She was involved in the initial outreach process for their multi million dollar endowment campaign.